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At Vior Funeral Home, we truly believe every life deserves to be honored and celebrated. We work hard to fulfill your requests and to carry out the final wishes of your loved one.

Based in Miami since 1999, we have extensive experience with the funeral customs of most religions as well as devising more personalized services that are especially meaningful for family and friends. At Vior Funeral Home, we support our clients in the same way we would support our own family - with compassion and understanding.

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Four generations dedicated to the funeral service industry, offering supreme service has granted Vior Funeral Home the respect and support of endless multicultural families within the community - especially Cuban families.

Jose N. Rivero founded, in 1947, The National Funeral Home (also known as Rivero Funeral Home), was located in the original Vior building at the heart of Havana, Cuba. Five years later, Rivero Funeral Home reopened a luxurious funeral home named Calzada y K, located in the beautiful coastal aristocratic neighborhood of Vedado, Havana.

In 1963, Mr. Rivero’s business was taken by the communist Cuban government, and Mr. Rivero and his family exiled to Miami, Florida, where he again began serving the newly exiled Cuban community.

Upon reaching exile, Jose N. Rivero, “El Abuelo”, arrived in Miami with a strong business vision that he actualized by reestablishing Rivero Funeral Home while maintaining the same level of service, style, and customs of the Hispanic culture. Rivero once again managed to keep the family name in high standard and prestige within the Hispanic community. The famous chain of the Rivero Funeral Homes was later sold in 1994 by the family several years after El Abuelo’s, Jose N. Rivero’s, passing.

In 1999, the Rivero family kept the tradition alive by reestablishing the family funeral home business - sporting a new name for this new chapter, Vior Funeral Home. The Vior Funeral Home, owned by the Rivero family, is located in 291 NW 37TH AVE, Miami FL.

The family business enters its new chapter in control of the youngest Rivero generation, brother and sister, Jorge, and Janet. Both, Janet and Jorge, work hard to keep the memory and dreams of their great grandfather alive managing Vior Funeral Home, while ultimately providing the community with a sense of hope and keeping cultural traditions alive.

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